happiness is Time.                                                                 to enjoy: smell of coffee, taste of food, slow walk, chestnut in a hand, brisk walk for a bit, sometimes a run, just living and not existing or surviving.

                                          description for blind people : picture happiness

happiness is painted on a rectangular canvas oriented horizontally. in the middle there's a radiant light orange with a taste of first ripe apricots and delight from tasting them. through this color slowly pervades pink, as a feeling of subtle caress on your hair. in the middle of a bottom part green mixes with turquoise and form an amorous energy, like lovers' first dance. amazing reddish orange color inspiring childish relishing of a strawberry jam is situated above the center of painting and also fills up left upper corner as well as right bottom corner. remaining corners are mysterious and quiet, like childish chocolate stealing from the pantry against parents' prohibition. the color is also mysteriously brown. gorgeous piece of work altogether shows present moment and love for life. who's able to enter this mystery is saved !!!