my wisdom

faith in good, faith in love is what's keeping my head above water. to be honest I don't even know how, as I'm a weak swimmer.

feeling too great a responsibility is a fear of things not turning out as we expect, which is only a tiny bit better than if we think that things should turn out as others expect them to.

two or three true friends are enough for a lifetime. why? because they balance out dozens of half-friends. so don't grief, if you have a single true friend, because in him you possess a golden treasure

Apr 15


fear has big eyes and short legs. it's a large eyed puppet. the more you fear something, the more his eyes grow. his mouth smiles and your legs grow weaker. you can't move an inch, as if your legs turned to stone. they might, but only in your own head. what to do? how to defeat him? tell yourself it's...

Mar 10


success is like a cherry on top of the cake. cake is cut and if you're lucky enough the piece with a cherry will belong to you.