my painting work

fairy tale


everything begins and ends in the human heart. it is always an original story full of secrets.



thousands of little bells will start playing a lovely melody. if your heart is enclosed you won't hear their sound. the ears remain deaf and we don't even know the beaty that belonged to us and that we've missed.



happiness is Time. to enjoy: smell of coffee, taste of food, slow walk, chestnut in a hand, brisk walk for a bit, sometimes a run, just living and not existing or surviving.



before it dawn's on you, it's like being in a fog for a long time.
a sudden flash and the dirty window opens wide.
the illusion goes away with the fog and you see everything clearly.
you are here and now.

crazy dream


it's ok if your dream is crazy and has to go crazy a bit in order to enter something new, unknown and believe in it.and most important is to not get discouraged by those around you.fortune favors the bold!