what interested me in the books

Aug 18


Who do you think wrote the following verses? Happy, truly happy is the one, who can say that he owns today; the one who with a clear conscience can always declare: "Tomorrow, do what want - today I could live." Sounds pretty modern, don't you think? And you see - it was written by Roman poet Horatius thirty years before...

An owl is blind during the day, a hare during the night. But those blinded by vengeance are blind both day and night. According to an Indian proverb.

Jan 17


I've always like this Shakespear's verse: "Go to your heart, knock there and ask your heart what you want to know." The heart represents the part of us that doesn't rely solely on thoughts. Thinking is a source of problems. When I ask the audience to point to themselves, 99% point straight to their hearts, not to their heads. Your...

Dec 11


"if you try to comprehend the whole universe, you will not understand anything at all. if you try to understand yourself, you will comprehend the whole universe" Buddha

Feb 04


bold act, as soon as it's carried out, becomes ordinary. just a few things in life are worth the fear.