Hodonín 2020


for the first time on vacation with my owner. our friend Jindra is also here with us and he's going to be her assistant.he wants to try it out, so I'm curious what it's gonna be about.we arrived to Hodonín and accommodated in a small cabin where the doors are open wide, therefore I can come in and out as I wish.the compound here has a nice green grass and big shut gate.and I'n not gonna lie, I'd go past it, but I might get lost in this foreign town.there's bunch of new and fragrant scents, bunch of new humans and last but not least a bunch of canine friends.wow! that really startled me!after all here's a main pack leader, they call him Milan Dvořák.I guess he wants to take me again to that huge Brno.he greeted my owner then Jindra and just smiled at me and that was it.I then got a bowl full of dog food and realized I'm gonna stay with my new owner, who I've grown fond of.in the end she needs me more than he does. am I right?! woof! 

I'm looking and I see a similar legs to mine and even the smell is familiar.I perk my ears and stranger woman is asking how old am I. my owner says I'm three years old.after few words it turned out that he's my brother. what a joy! and of we went playing and fooling around.once I was up then he was and we've properly enjoyed it.world truly is small as my owner says.but if we weren't to travel here we would have never met. 

I'm looking and it doesn't seem like free for all running now.humans are sitting down, we pets are laying down and waiting what's gonna happen.and truly - we are going out for a city training.that bother me, I like working anyways.at least we gonna get some treats for obeying the commands.ohhh yeah, my tongue loves treats!

I was a little jealous and worried that my owner might exchange me for a german shepard named lara.she's such a sweet young dog girl that came to our room few times every day.my owner always pet her and talked to her nicely.exactly as with me.I listened carefuly and found out she's the first german shepard that my owner was not afraid of.and in the end I went home with my owner and not my friend lara. 

Manny in the closet my owner has a closet with shelves full of things.I won't fit there anymore.now I'm laying down here in Jindra's closet and it's not bad.when I think of it, my own bed at home is just the best.I'd also love my owner's bed, but that's forbidden both at home and here.my owners says order is order! Woof! 

Manny fights for a peanut I found spilled peanuts on the floor, those that humans like to eat. gave it a lick and to be honest - not my cup of tea.but I enjoy playing tug of war with my dog friend!next day we didn't have it no more as we've torn it to pieces.my owner doesn't like when I eat thing that I can't digest so that's why it ended up in the trash. we had a great time in Hodonín, not only while playing, but we've also learned a lot. bunch of new and interesting smells, a lot of experiences and also many friends.and I could not notice that both my owner and Jindra enjoyed it as well.they smelled of peace and contentment. Yum!

"a lot of time has passedI ate a bunch of kibble and treatslearned a lot, became more reasonable andI'm less afraid of thunderstorm and fireworksit's summer and we're getting ready for a next tripto hodonin, in moravia, which, considered to my home town of hradec kralove, might as well be in a foreign countrygood thing we doggos don't have to wear masksas that would make saying woof woof challenging!"