Hodonín 2021


my owner assured me that this year's stay in Hodonin is going to be great as well.
and I have to say with my dog's snout that it's absolutely true.despite the fact that this summer weather is not the best the sun is shining plenty every day.but storm also came in order not to be monotonous.fortunately it was over quickly which made me happy.that horrible thunder not only hurts my ears but also frightens me.almost like some of my german shepherd buddies.my owner was already quite tired even before coming to Hodonín, therefore we've shortened the city training a bit.and for us it was good enough, we reviewed everything and even learned some new stuff.we've also experienced a big rumble at the square where they were erecting a maypole.all that drilling, sawing, and those bipedals - workers were listening to a hard and loud music.but they didn't throw me off balance and I led my owner properly and accurately.Lenka the trainer has noticed and appreciated it as well.immediately my eyes glowed with joy.I felt proud of both myself and my owner.and then I had a freedom in a fenced area which was awesome.the other furried friends were enjoying themselves as well and sometimes just lying there and watch.long story short the the pack leader Milan Dvořák had it all perfectly prepared as usual.and at the end of our stay I received a toy from coach Lenka, such a nice rubber cat. our friend jindra, this time in the role of assistant not only was of great help but was there for us as a friend, what a cool biped.also my owner vowed to never go on vacation so very tired.I have to say that it's a great resolution for future. Woof!!