lazy fairy taleen


it's been a long time since the castle started to suffer from a strange and unknown power that impacted the dwarves that... BUT let's not get ahead of ourselves. no one paid attantion when someone sneezed, wheezed or occasionally coughed. but as the number of handkerchiefs diminished unimaginably fast it could no longer escape the clever chief warehouseman's attention. he pointed this out to the royal highness and they put their minds together. the king called for all the catle doctors and gave them seven days to find the cause of this strange disease and heal it quickly. they observed and noticed that coughing, wheezing and even suffocation worsened during certain activities. rather when dwarves arbitrarily shuffled the sequence of their assigned tasks or postponed them altogether. everything was fine until one day a dwarf suddenly dropped from a coughing fit. his last words were: "but I..." he didn't manage to finish. they put him in a soft bed and examined him in great detail. the greatest of the doctors had even brought through a magic lamp which could iluminate everything, even inside of the dwarf's body. and that was really something as this magic lamp could only be used once every hundred years. lo and behold , the inside of his whole body was strewn with strange shapes resembling crooked, inflated letters. most of them in his small lungs. and there on the seventh day the magic lamp shed some light on this immense mystery. they brought him back to life, barely. everything seemed better but always at a certain word he blew away a terrible noise, as if on a loud trumpet. the dwarf lost a lot of weight and was perishing before their eyes. the king was impatient and curious about what the doctors had come up with. diagnosis: BUT anemia the royal curiosity was even greate to see what the cure is for this strange plague disease. doctors suggested verbal treatment with great vigor. therefore to quickly teach dwarves to speak in a new way using the best and most miraculous words. the word BUT was forbidden because the lamp identified it as lazy and life-threatning. since then the laziness has disappeared from the castle and the warehouse was yet again full of handkerchiefs.