minute soup.


 these things always happen when I'm tired and still can't listen to an alarm in my head telling me to stop. on this D-day with the last of my strength I've managed to fix myself a vegetable soup. convincing myself that warm food is a base and that I need to cook something up. I tasted my culinary creation and went to cover the soup with a pot lid. the hand deviated a bit and I hear a rattle of the kitchen timer. it simply disappear from it's usual spot, the metal back side of the fitted kitchen. this woke me up properly. I'm searching next to the stove, reaching behind it with a bamboo spoon, but the kitchen timer is nowhere to be found. to make sure I got to all fours and seach for it bit by bit on a whole kitchen floor. enough I tell myself, they'll appear somewhere. nevermind, I won't go crazy over this! energy has to be replenished after such searching effort, so best thing is to eat the soup anyway. I immerse the ladle into the soup and hear a strange rattling noise. I put laddle into the sink, no better seeker than my own bare hand. and I got it! digital bastard!