sweet potato


baked sweet potato with clothes pegs I have one large, penguin-shaped sweet potato in my hand, which I first wash under running water I put a baking tray on the counter top and put baking paper on it so there's a nice overlap on all sides the mischevious paper does not obey, it keeps twisting and rolling into a roll, same way it was stored in the box I always fix it on its shorter side with clothes pegs on the edge of the baking tray I like to cut vegetables, it's a form of relaxation therapy for me. I slowly plow through the hard sweet potato, half-moons are carved on the fixed paper. just a moment and it's done I use both hands to evenly spread the sweet potato over the entire surface I salt it with sea salt and, quite deliciously, I mix the sweet potato with my fingers so that the salt gets everywhere. in between this relaxing activity, I put down the knife and sweet potato for a moment to turn on the oven. I operate three buttons, Knock, knock, knock and the oven starts to heat up. then my cell phone rings and my friend announces the delivery of the pink therapeutic shoes that I ordered from her. I confirm that I am at home and that she can come. in a short moment, Lenka rings the bell and rushes towards me like a great flood. she says something quickly and runs to the toilet, because she continues by car to another visit. I take advantage of her short absence and open the oven and put the tray with the sweet potato in it to bake. I set the kitchen timer and that's it. my girlfriend gives me a kiss and has to go. I thank her, quickly close the door and slowly make my way into the kitchen I put my hands on the counter top, feel it, and find that I have to wipe it. I wash the dishes and sit contentedly on the chair and start to read my e-mails. after a while I smell a very strange stench. I open the window, but it doesn't come from there. Just then, as if thunder struck, I say "the pegs" out loud! I quickly put a chopping board on the counter top, grab two insulating gloves and think about what to do next. I open the oven, where a pungent smell wafts out. I carefully feel the edge of the sheet with one gloved hand, slide it out, and with the other hand support the sheet from the other side and slide it onto the board. I drop the gloves in one place to find them right after. I take a thick layer of kitchen paper towels and carefully run my hands along the edge of the sheet, where I try to find the deformed pegs. I feel something, immediately press it with towels and put it in the trash. I smell the sweet potato to see if it smells anything like the pegs spice. but luckily not. quickly, as only a blind cook can, I put on my protective gloves again and open the rather warm drawer at the bottom of the stove. I take out the second tray and pour the sweet potato over to it. I press the used baking paper into a shapeless ball and it flies into the trash with a flick of my hand. I take off my gloves again and take a fork out of the drawer. speed is an obstacle and instead of a fork I have a spoon, which I recognize immediately when I dig into the second tray with sweet potatoes. but guess what I've scooped something. I smell it again, the sweet potato smells beautiful, so I bite into it. I roll it on my tongue and miraculously it tastes perfectly good. once again, I slowly smell the entire tray, to see if I smell the pungent smell from the pegs additive. fine, fine, nothing but the pleasant smell of baked sweet potato. and what's more, it's already nice and soft. I open the oven, let it cool, and then I can look for the rest of the molten pegs. I let the kitchen air out and sit in the living room for a while. I open the box with the new pink, long-awaited shoes and put them on. I walk around the apartment, I have a blissful feeling with a pleasant walk in new heels. I feel better right away, after the kitchen madness. in the meantime, the oven has cooled down, so the search for the remains of the pegs begins again. but I can't find anything. in the afternoon I will ask my friend to evaluate the insides of the oven before we go for a walk in the forest. she only found small pieces on the grill, which she removes. It is fine in the forest, dry and pleasantly warm everywhere. not only the two of us relax, but also my dog ​​Manny is comfortable running free around. but in order not to stop at one, he discovers a hole filled with mud in the bushes and jumps right in. some of the stuff dries up and falls off. the rest, my four-legged friend, keeps for my hands and the vacuum cleaner. a proper combination of experiences. you can't even dream of boredom and lack of exercise on this beautiful, sunny day