help! my dog ​​ate my sausage!


help! my dog ate my sausage! what's come over my Manny?
he's running strangly around the kitchen, as if chasing a fly.
also he came back from a walk with a volunteer a little while ago, so he should be worn down.
a little a head of time I started cooking Slovakian Christmas cabbage soup with sauerkraut and dried mushrooms.
I put things on the counter top and clean the stove.
and again that dancing movement around the kitchen.
during my work I send him to his place and he does nothing.
at that moment, as if it dawned on me, I quickly step towards the table and reach for the tray with the cooked sausage.
that's it! my furry friend ate two whole sausages.
you bastard! I scream.
I felt a little sorry, but then I bravely poured out my heart.
it's been a while since I've been so angry and screamed everything that had accumulated inside me.
I forcefully commanded: place!!
the dog jumped like a deer onto his bed as he knew it was a major offence.
but such a fragrant delicacy simply could not be resisted.
after a while I calmed down and had to admit that I should have put the tray with the sausage a little higher up onto the countertop.
well, I'll laugh about it soon.
I came to his bed and properly scolded him.
you sweet-toothed rascal, if you get diarrhea from that spicy sausage and drive me out at night, don't wish that on me. Woe betide you! You little rascal!
but luckily there was no need for a night walk and we both slept pretty well.
after all, it was a quality sausage from a Hungarian store, honest, meaty.
in the morning I drink my coffee, petting my darling and say to myself, Christmas has finally started for us.